A New Lease of Life

The Soul

What do you do when you’re divorced, one of your kids is in college, the other is only 2 and you have no source of income nor support?

Like a lot of single mothers in her situation, Sally was lost and bewildered. Fortunately for Sally, she kept her wits about her and never lost her faith in God. After the divorce, Sally’s mind was on diapers, milk, baby clothes, housing and day to day living expenses. Undaunted, Sally wrestled with her emotions and financial challenges.. Continue reading

     Socio-economic Impact 

Bags Sold
Single Mothers Employed


Cutter and Seamstress


This is Pn. Saimah Yusof. She's a mother of 4 children with a paralyzed husband. Having being a housewife ever since her marriage. She holds the burden to support her entire family with all her 4 children are still in school. She was one of the first to join onboard with SURI to earn extra income, generating an extra income of RM500.00 monthly.

This is Pn. Latifah Hashim. She's a mother of 2 children.With her husband passed away, she struggles to support her family ever since. But after joining SURI she is able to sustain her family to buy school supplies and groceries for her children with the extra income she's making with SURI.

     Environmental Impact 

1,800 pcs
97 sqft

 Each Bag Has A Story 

2nd Chance is SURI’s very own product brand. We strive to create product designs which are innovative, creative and original. The products are then handcrafted by struggling single mothers by upcycling used jeans into functional and attractive products. The single mothers stand to make an extra income of RM500.00 monthly. 

 Our Journey